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Preparing for Surgery: Ensure a Successful Procedure and Smooth Recovery

This research-backed, step by step guide developed by Susan S. Wilder, MD, ICFMP, Functional Medicine Certified Expert, empowers you to be proactive in preparing for your upcoming surgery.

Reduce your risk of preventable complications, accelerate the healing process and facilitate the best possible outcomes from your surgery.

The Preparing for Surgery Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive program to guide you through preparing for surgery, led by Dr. Susan Wilder
  • 6 detailed modules, including videos, audio and course downloads
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for discussions and questions for Dr. Wilder and her team
  • Recommendations for supplements and tools to aid you in advance of surgery

What You Will Achieve:

  • Minimize your health risks
  • Improve overall health of mind and body prior to surgery
  • Support optimal detoxification to clear anesthesia and medications
  • Support immune function and blood sugar levels for wound healing and infection prevention
  • Reduce risk for common surgical adverse events
  • Understand symptoms to be alert for after surgery
  • Strengthen muscles, bones and support joints prior to surgery
  • Optimize nutritional status to improve wound healing
  • Combat anxiety and achieve a healthy mindset for surgery
  • Help minimize the need for future surgeries
  • Learn lifestyle changes that can reverse chronic disease and change the trajectory of your health for life